Herbalife toxicity?

Posted 29 September 2011

This medical article concludes: ” Our results support the relationship between the consumption of Herbalife products and hepatotoxicity, underscore the concern regarding the liver-related safety of this dietary supplement, and emphasize the need to establish further regulatory measures.”

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The dangers of cherry-picking evidence

Posted 28 September 2011

" A deliberately incomplete view of the literature, as I hope I've explained, isn't a neutral or marginal failure. It is exactly as bad as a deliberately flawed experiment, and to present it to readers without warning is bizarre." 

An excellent article by Dr Ben Goldacre and published in the Guardian.

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Solal’s “Naturally Sweet” claims, dismissed again by ASA.

Posted 23 September 2011

In this long-running saga, following the Sugar Association's complaint to the ASA that Solal's claims in its  advertisements for its “Naturally Sweet” and “Stevia Sweet” products were misleading, Solal again appealed the ASA's decision in favour of the Sugar Association. The ASA has ruled against Solal's new appeal. 

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Revivo Tea, again! ASA ruling

Posted 15 September 2011

This company continues to deceive consumers. This is not the first ASA ruling to go against them. Makes one wonder who the owner of this product is!

This is the distributors website, www.aconitemedical.com, which sells “5 Port Electroacupuncture Machine”, other acupuncture materials, and “Magnets and Press seeds”.

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Holotropic Slimfast Hoodia – ASA ruling

Posted 15 September 2011

This ruling is unfortunate and occurs when regulations change and complainants are not aware of these, and illustrates the problem with lack of action by the MCC and subsequent consequences.

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Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) – ASA ruling

Posted 15 September 2011

“MMS – The Miracle Mineral Solution is a ‘’stabilised oxygen’’ formulation that is a 28% solution of Sodium Chlorite in distilled water. When a mild acid (lemon or lime juice, or citric acid) is added to the few drops of MMS, Chlorine Dioxide is created and when ingested, produces a major boost to the immune system, killing virtually every known pathogen, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds and yeasts.”


Actually sheer balderdash.

See also:

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Solal vs Sugar Association, again! ASA ruling

Posted 09 September 2011

This ruling is interesting and significant for a number of reasons. 

1. A number of complaints have been laid with the ASA against a number of Solal adverts. In particular, Naturally Sweet. The on-going saga has been posted to DrugInfo before. A number of issues were illustrated, and in particular, Solal and Rene Doms’s belief that the ASA have no jurisdiction over Solal advertising, that the consultants are not legally adequate to make rulings, that the process was flawed, and that the appeal process will be in their favour. As a result of appeal process, the appeal reached the ASA’s Final Appeal Committee (FAC), chaired by Judge Mervyn King, who ruled against Solal complex and convoluted arguments which cleared the ASA to proceed with point 2, below. 

2. A new grouping, the Association for Responsible Health Information and Advertising (ARHIA) headed by Prof Roy Jobson, laid Read the rest

Analysis of the new CAMS regulations

Posted 09 September 2011

Marcus Low has written an analysis of the new CAMS regulations on Quackdown – with the intention of generating useful discussion. 

http://www.quackdown.info/article/will-new-alternative-medicines-r egulations-protect-consumers/

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Nivea My Silhouette Gel Cream – ASA Ruling

Posted 08 September 2011

This is not the first time that Nivea has had an adverse ruling against the claims for their product. The ASA has previously ruled against Nivea Goodbye Cellulite, and the UK ASA against Nivea DNAge Cell Renewal Day Cream. One would have thought that such an "esteemed" company would stop making unsubstantiable claims or learn from previous mistakes.  In this instance, this ruling followed a complaint that noted that the  USA Federal Trade Commission recently found the Beiersdorf Inc guilty of deceptive advertising, fining it $900 000. This finding related to the exact same product. I would have expected a company with any credibility to therefore remove similar claims from the same product being sold in other parts of the world, and not only respond when a consumer takes issue with the claims.  Mostly, one would hope that such a company would stop trying to … Read the rest

ASA ruling: Slimbetti Fibre Slim

Posted 07 September 2011

From the same scam artists (Jasmine and Christopher Grindlay) who brought you Hoodia Slender Gel, Slender Max. As soon as the ASA rules against their products, they relaunch them under new branding. Has the ASA bared it’s teeth? Will they believe Allison Vienings (“the expert”), who has “substantiated” a number of other products that I regard as scam products?

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