SensaSlim scam

70 claim rip-off on diet spray

Julia Medew and Ian McIlwraith, The Age, June 23, 2011


DIET spray company SensaSlim is facing a $4.2 million class action from more than 70 people who say they were duped into buying a franchise to sell the herbal product. 

Law firm Slater & Gordon said it was working with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to see if its action against SensaSlim in the Federal Court for misleading and deceptive conduct could include a bid for compensation on behalf of franchisees. 

Senior lawyer Van Moulis said he had been contacted by more than 70 people who had each paid about $60,000 to sell the spray in exclusive areas based on SensaSlim's claim that it had medical research to prove the efficacy of its product. 

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Guide to South African Medicine registration numbers

Medicine registration numbers 

Author: Miranda Viljoen, Director: SAAPI 

The thalidomide tragedy in the early 1960s prompted authorities to introduce an evaluation system globally whereby the safety, efficacy and quality of any new medicine had to be assessed and approved before the medicine, including complementary medicines, was marketed. Prior to this, there was no formal system of medicine registration and any new preparation could be introduced onto the market without the manufacturer having carried out preclinical and clinical testing, and without having had the manufacturing materials and procedures regulated and approved. 

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DNA Diet – Does it work?

Posted 28 June 2011

 DNA determines all your physical characteristics such as the colour of your eyes, hair and skin. Two strands of DNA are coiled together inside cells. These two strands contain 46 chromosomes and the result is the human genome – or a unique set of genes that make up each individual. But can we take samples of your DNA, select a sample of the genes and work out a special diet which would help you lose weight?

Wow, would that not be wonderful!

The short answer is no, or at least, not yet. 

However a “DNA diet” has been constructed and marketed on this very basis. Is there enough evidence that the selection of genes accurately predicts whether a diet constructed around the results works? I argued to the ASA that although there is good science behind the assessment of genes, at present few genes are definitive
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Glomail Perfect Steps shoes: No, not perfect.

Glomail has been flighting an infomercial on TV. 

The 10 minute infomercial opens with “Do you want to get in shape fast? Do you want to lose weight? How about burn calories, reduce cellulite and improve your circulation all at the same time? …” and promotes the respondent’s “Perfect Steps” shoes as “the new way to lose weight and get in shape fast, without ever stepping into the gym”. It also features testimonials of people losing weight by simply wearing these shoes.

Emphasis is repeatedly placed on the fact that there is no dieting, or exercise routine required, and that the shoes result in weight loss, centimetre loss (presented as “lose inches”), burning calories, improving circulation, alleviating pain in one’s knees and back, and improving posture.

These claims seem nonsensical, and as Glomail has previously abused consumers with the selling of many dubious weight loss products, a complaint was laid … Read the rest

SlimBetti – same Slender Max scam artists

It is evident from you reading this posting, that you have seen an advert for this product. This suggests that these scamsters are still duping unsuspecting consumers from purchasing these products – in spite of previous ASA rulings.I will very much appreciate it if you could please let me know where you saw an advert for this product – by commenting at the end of this article (will remain anonymous if you so wish).This may help other consumers from being scammed!Sincerely,Dr Harris Steinman


A reader has brought to my attention of the release of a “new product”, SlimBetti.

In fact, the claims being made for SlimBetti Hoodia Gel, SlimBetti Thermo Advance and SlimBetti Fibreslim are very similar to those that were made for Slender Max products , and that the Advertising Standards instituted sanctions against. See the raft of ASA rulings against these Read the rest


Moducare is a South African product being sold locally as well as in the UK, among other countries. On the index page of the UK based website,, the following claim was made: "Internationally recognized research using Moducare®, shows that this proprietary extraction of plant nutrients helps to bring overall balance to your immune system."

I laid a complaint with the UK ASA on the 9th May 2011 which has resulted in the company removing this claim from the website. (UK ASA website; Adjudications – Informally Resolved Cases: Huxley Europe 15 June 2011.) This would suggest that there was insufficient evidence to support this claim.

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Biomix Slimming Solution – No proof!

Posted 20 June 2011

 A consumer complaint was laid against advertising appearing on the Biomix website website as well as on its product packaging. The advertising promotes the product as, inter alia, “all natural multifunctional weight loss supplements”.

The respective formulations are called “Slimming SOLUTIONS PLUS” (for the liquid formulation), and “Slimming SOLUTION CAPS” (for the capsule formulation).  In essence the complaint was that the claims regarding the product’s ability to facilitate weight loss and the implied efficacy of hoodia as an ingredient in the product are misleading and unsubstantiated. In subsequent correspondence, it was argued that Sliming Solution Plus product was tested for the presence of the claimed Hoodia, and none was detected. The ASA investigated.

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Hivex ASA Ruling

Mr Marcus Low, on behalf of the TAC (Treatment Action Campaign), lodged a complaint against the website advertising seen on 

The advertising promotes the respondent’s treatment as a “… pioneering radical treatment for people with HIV”. It explains how the treatment works and claims, inter alia, that patients on the treatment were 5,7 times less likely to need hospital treatment, antiretroviral drugs, or die. Patient testimonials are also The complainant raised concerns over the veracity of all claims implying that the treatment is effective for people with HIV / AIDS. It argued that the respondent’s claims of effectively treating this disease are unsupported by scientific evidence, and are therefore likely to mislead people.

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The Revivo rip-off

Posted 7 June 2011

An excellent article by Marcus Low on Revivo Tea, and published on Quackdown!

“There is no good reason to think that Revivo confers any survival benefit to HIV-positive people. Yet, there is a fascinating survival story to tell here – the story of how Revivo’s brand of AIDS quackery has survived despite the Advertising Standards Authority ruling against them in 2009.”

The article continues on Quackdown!

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Homemark Slim Coffee – ASA arbitration ruling

Posted: 06 June 2011

Contrary to Dr Beverley Summers' opinion, Professor Jooste confirms that Slim Coffee does not cause weight loss 

This ASA ruling is interesting for a number of reasons:  

Nearly three years after first complaining to the ASA about Slim Coffee, Professor Jooste (who is Interim Director of Nutritional Intervention Research, Medical Research Council) confirms that the studies in support of Slim Coffee are deficient. 

1. This product was substantiated by Dr Beverley Summers, a pharmacist with a PhD. This despite the fact that The European Food Safety Authority declared that there is zero proof of the main ingredient’s supposed weight loss benefits…  

2. This is the fourth Homemark product that Dr Summers has substantiated which has been ruled against by the ASA. Some rulings followed appeals. Many of these Homemark products have been rejected and banned by the USA Federal and Trade Commission Read the rest