ASA ruling: Homemark pre-clearance appeal

In a previous ruling, Homemark Pure Magic Spa / HA Steinman / 13961 (FAC), Homemark was not able to substantiate this product, and the FAC agreed that Homemark continues to abuse the ASA regulations and therefore imposed a 6 months pre-clearance on them. In other words, for every advertisement, Homemark has to submit, at their own cost, their advert and copy for checking. 

Homemark appealed, arguing among other, that they should not be held to the same regulations as other marketers. The ASA did not agree. 

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ASA ruling: Arcadia’s Citrax product

Posted 29 March 2010

Arcadia print advertisement for its Citrax weight loss capsules that appeared in the Sunday Times Magazine during November 2009, was headed with a statement by a Physiotherapist, Maja Šcepanovic, reading, “I lost 50 kilos in only six months – WITHOUT DIETING!” At the bottom of the advertisement the disclaimer reads, “Diet aids such as these are only effective when taken in conjunction with or as part of a kilojoule-controlled diet”.

How did the ASA rule? Read on . . .

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ASA ruling: Homemark Slim Coffee breach

Posted: 29 March 2010

In spite of a previous ruling against Homemark regarding the unproven claims for SlimCoffee, they continued selling the product in Makro stores. Homemark claimed it was an error. The ASA, showing amazing due diligence, investigated and found Homemark appeared to have done this deliberately! Surprised? I am not.

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ASA ruling: Memoregain

This company claims that this product is the " ultimate brain nourisher. Improves memory and learning ability. Repairs and acclerates [sic] neuron growth and repair”.

As usual, not a shred of evidence to confirm these claims.

This is how the ASA ruled. . . 

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Supreme Slim

A new weight-loss product has been released onto the South African market: Supreme Slim.


  1. This product claims to result in weight loss, but we are unaware of any studies that show that this product is effective.
  2. This product uses ingredients common to other weight loss products – ingredients have not been shown to be effective in weight loss.
  3. The ingredients in this product have been used in various combinations in other failed weight-loss products: why would they suddenly be working effectively in this product?
  4. When consumers health, money and safety is concerned, we can only argue for proof for the product, for without proof, we have to argue that it is no more than a scam.
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Simply Slim

A great deal has been written in the press regarding Simply Slim.

Carte Blanche Consumer flighted on a Thursday gave an overview of the problems experienced with the product. As you the reader may now, a Scheduled substance, sibutramine, was found in the product.

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Placebo response

Can a placebo response result in major effects?

Here are some really interesting examples….

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ASA ruling: Homemark SlimCoffee breach

Posted: 18 March 2012

Relevance of this complaint: Homemark has had an ASA ruling preventing them from making unsubstantiated claims for this product. However, months later I found it still being marketed with the same claims at Makro. Homemark claims it was an accident (as they constantly claim when in breach). I have stated before that the ASA don’t do their homework and let Homemark get away with too much.

In this instance  the ASA actually did some real digging and unearthed some facts. Wow!

While this matter was being dealt with by the ASA, Homemark’s appeal against the ASA ruling – where “pre-clearance” of their advertising was instituted (i.e., they have to have all their adverts checked by the ASC at their own cost) – was being held. 

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Glucosamine and chondroitin

"In 2006, the New England Journal of Medicine published a $12.5 million study saying that, for most people, glucosamine and chondroitin do not soothe knee pain much better than a placebo."

"Try telling that to patients who swear that the supplements have helped their aching knees or backs — a position that the study's lead researcher, Daniel Clegg of the University of Utah School of Medicine, finds himself in often."

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MyWeigh vs Eden Clinic


The celebrity, Sandy Ngema, claims to have lost weight thanks to Verimark's MyWeigh, or is it due to Eden Life's weight-loss product, or Verimark's MyWeigh, or Eden Life's . . . or . . . 

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