ALCAT – Complaint to Competition Commission

Dr Pridgeon laid a complaint with the Competition Commission of South Africa against Dr Harris Steinman arguing that the latter was trying to prevent the ALCAT from getting market share of allergy testing in the South African market.

Dr Steinman argued that the test is not scientically validated for all the claims being made for the tests, and that in fact there is no evidence that the ALCAT can predict what foods are involved in the range of symptoms and diseases it claims to be.

Following an investigation by the Competition Commission, the following report, with devasting results for Dr Pridgeon and the ALCAT, was released.

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Hoodia Slender Gel

Posted 29 June 2009

A complaint of breach against the previous ASA ruling was laid with the ASA against this product.  To reiterate, there is simply no evidence that any of the ingredients in this product, when taken orally, can fulfil any of the claims being made for the product, and the chance that it therefore works via skin absorbption is simply ridiculous.

The ASA ruled against the product as there is no evidence that the product works, yet the ASA somehow has allowed this company to claim: “all claims for efficacy of Hoodia Slender Gel are based on consumer survey data. This product is not intended to treat, diagonose or cure any disease.” This is simply bizarre!

The ASA code states  very clearly in Clause 4.1 of Section II of the ASA’s Code states “Before advertising is published, advertisers shall hold in their possession documentary evidence as set out Read the rest

USN Cellu-Firm – ASA Breach ruling – 8 June 2009

USN continued to make unsubstantiated claims for Cellu-Firm, resulting in a breach complaint to the ASA. The ASA ruled in favour of the consumer.

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