UK ASA ruling: Bi-Aura Therapy

A regional press ad, for a therapy, stated "BI-AURA THERAPY Practitioner … This non-invasive therapy works on the body's energy field by correcting imbalances. With the energy flow restored, the body can start healing itself.

Some of the conditions that have responded favourably: allergies, arthritis, asthma, back problems, depression, fatigue, insomnia, ME and stress-related conditions".


1. The complainant challenged whether the Mirjam Wigman could substantiate the efficacy claims for the treatment.

2. The ASA challenged whether the ad was likely to discourage readers from seeking suitably qualified medical treatment for serious medical conditions such as depression and ME.

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ASA Ruling: Insupro Forte

The complainant submitted that the advertisement offers oral insulin, which does not exist as all insulin on the market has to be given by injections.

The advertisement also claims that the product is effective on sugar control, reductions of complications, restoration of pancreatic function. No references of these claims are given.

The complainant further submitted that the advertisement is misleading and irresponsible as it may lead to death of Type 1 diabetes patients if they stop their present insulin treatment.

The ASA considered the complaint and the response from the respondent, and ruled . . . 

UPDATE Insupro Forte was declared an undesirable medicine by the Medicines Control Council on 4 August 2009. This in effect "bans" the product in South Africa.

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StemEnhance: 1st ASA ruling

Posted 07 April 2009

A consumer (Prof Carr) laid a complaint against the claims for StemEnhance.  The brochure contains, inter alia, the claim, “Stem cell enhancers are products that support the natural release of adult stem cells.” Prof. Carr (and I too), claim the evidence to support these claims are inadequate.

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