USN Cellu-Firm – ASA breach ruling – 02 April 2007

This Clicks advert promoting this USN product continued to infer that this product could reduce cellulite in spite of the previous ASA ruling. A breach complaint was laid with the ASA. USN responded with “The current advertisement displays certain products available at Clicks, and only shows the packaging of the product in question. No claims are made about this particular product. The respondent submitted that it did not supply Clicks with the image used on its broadsheet advertisement. Clicks designed and published its own advertisement with an old image. In addition, the respondent has changed its own advertisements, images and labels, and informed Clicks about the implications of the previous ruling”.

The ASA concluded that: “The breach allegation is accordingly dismissed. The respondent is, however, cautioned that third party retailers should be alerted to the import of the ASA ruling. Should further, similar, breaches occur, the contents of this Read the rest