Posted 27 November 2009

This category lists complaints laid with the ASA regarding health, complimentary medicine and supplements sold by Homemark, which complainants claimed could not be substantiated.

Initially, the ASA ruled in most cases in favour of the complainant, but as Homemark started finding “credible experts” willing to substantiate a product, the ruling may have gone in the favour of Homemark.

In some instances, arbitration was requested – with a subsequent ruling against Homemark’s product.

In some instances, the complainant did not pursue the complaint further.

In time as the site develops, we will flesh out and explain why the ruling in favour of Homemark was incorrect, using science, logic and common sense! 

Rulings against Homemark:

Enforma / Homemark – Sweat Away the Pounds / 4012*

Homemark – Sweat Away /  9114*

Homemark – Butterfly Abs / 3283

Homemark – Detox Food Pads /  8938

Homemark – Reduce Fat-Fast /  675

Homemark – Reduce Fat-Fast /  4613 – in favour of Homemark, substantiated by Dr Beverley Summers

Homemark –  Slim Coffee /  10528

Homemark –  Slim Down Solution / 597

Homemark – Slimming Genius /  9102

Homemark – Vibra Shape /  8761

Homemark – Peel Away the Pound / 1462

Homemark – Proxygen Remedy Health /  1854

Homemark – Slim Coffee breach / 12988

Homemark – Detox Tea / 17 851

* With an ASA ruling against this product, which claimed that this “sauna belt” can result in weight-loss, Homemark simply changed the name of the product to Sweat Away, and now claiming that it will result in “toning of the body”.


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