Antagolin, ASA agrees, no evidence it works!

Posted 07 March 2014

Dr Goldstein lodged a consumer complaint against a Medical Nutritional Institute’s television commercial promoting Antagolin. The commercial features a very overweight female in underwear, stating “I don’t want to look like this anymore. What is happening to my body? Why can’t I lose weight?” A male voice-over the states “You may [...]

Herbex “admits” to scam!

Posted 05 March 2014

This article, published in GroundUp, is on a presentation by the con artist, Eddie Bisset – CEO of Herbex, where he admits “with a grin, ‘Customers are foolish enough to believe what you put on your label.‘ Bisset first claimed his products are CAMS (by labeling them such (“Schedule C0″)), but [...]

GarciniaSlim – another scam

Posted 04 March 2014

Dr de Lange lodged a consumer complaint against an Internet and print advertisement (Sunday Times) for GarciniaSlim. The advertisements claim” “The Newest fastest Fat Buster is Garcinia Cambogia Extract…” “No diet”, “No excercise” etc. Repeated reference is also made to the fact that this product is “Recommended By Doctors”. Images of [...]

TopSlim – No proof

Posted 20 February 2014

A complaint was laid against the weight-loss claims of TopSlim. TopSlim also claimed to be supported, endorsed, or was based on the research of three professors. The advert claimed, among other:

Fast Weight Loss! Scientifically proven Based on the research of the most respected scientist in the world! Fully tested in [...]

Leptin Green Coffee 800

Posted 21 January 2014

This product is advertised in pharmacies, using large posters, claiming to be effective in effective weight loss – without dieting or exercise being required! It is also advertised on the product’s local and international website.Any product that claims to result in weight-loss without having to control your diet is likely a [...]

Herbex Appetite Control: more Herbex nonsense?

Posted 21 January 2014

The website ( claims that “Herbex Appetite Control Chewies are formulated to manage the appetite safely and naturally.” Really? The evidence does not really support this claim.

The claims for this product are: * Manages Appetite * Reduces Hunger Pangs And Cravings

Conclusion of examination of the evidence: There is NO [...]

Herbex Attack the Fat – Scam?

Posted 20 January 2013

The purpose of CAMCheck is to point out the scientific irrational basis for CAM products and the ethical and moral failures of those manufacturing, selling and regulating them.

As previously mentioned on CAMCheck, we do not usually identify owners of companies selling products with little to no proof of efficacy [...]

Herbex – “Take Down Notice”

Posted 10 January 2013 – updated 17 January 2013

We have received a “Take Down Notice” for this page.

In other words, Eddie Bisset (CEO) and Diane Bisset (Financial Director) of Herbex have had their lawyers (Kantor – Fialkov) contact the Internet Service Provider’s Association (ISPA) and ask them to take action against our [...]

Weight-Loss Companies Charged With Fraud

Posted 09 January 2014

On Tuesday, the USA Federal Trade Commission charged four companies with deceptively marketing weight-loss products, asserting they made “unfounded promises” that consumers could shed pounds simply by using their food additives, skin creams and other dietary supplements.

One of the companies targeted by the Federal Trade Commission, L’Occitane, have retail [...]

Swainston’s / Simillimum take a hard knock

Posted 13 December 2013

Dr. Francesca L.N. Swainston is a homeopath based in Cape Town. She has for a number of years advertised a number of health products on her website as well in the print media (in particular, Simillimum-for weight loss). Despite numerous ASA rulings, she simply ignored the requirements to furnish proof for [...]