Health Intelligence – misguiding the public?

Update 15 May 2012: I have been sent evidence that “horse chestnut” (listed as “esculin”) was scheduled as S3 in December 1979.

Posted 12 May 2012

Health Intelligence magazine states on its front cover as a byline: “The Science of Health.” In its advertising blurb on its associated company Solal Technologies’ website, it is stated [...]

Commentary: the law, unproven CAM and the two-hats fallacy

Posted 03 April 2012

"In the end, the law should act as a unifying force, nudging physicians towards a consistent and evidence-based approach to all therapies, be they CAM or conventional. The two-hats problem outlined above is fed by two growing and (seemingly) conflicting social trends: the continued public interest in CAM and the [...]

More sex = a longer life? Really???

The local South African magazine Health Intelligence Edition 12 proclaims on its cover: "Passion promotes health – sex for a longer life".


(Note: The highlighting box has been added.) On page 20 the article has the title: "Sex, so necessary for positive health: sex is a buzzword that defies trendsetting and social mores, staying [...]

Ozone Health Spa – Ozmed

Posted 01 February 2012

A consumer lodged a consumer complaint against an Ozmed print advertisement promoting its “Ozone Health Spa”. The advertisement was published in the 10 December 2011 edition of the Cape Argus. The advert posed the question “Do You Suffer From?” and lists “Stress”; “Hypertension”; “Diabetes”; “Asthma”; “Arthritis”; “HIV/Aids”; “Low Sex Drive”; [...]

Are All Medicines Now Equal?

Posted 23 October 2011

Law in Practice: Complementary and Alternative Medicines Regulations: Are All Medicines Now Equal?

By Elsabe Klink: Medical Chronicle

October 10, 2011

In July 2011, the Minister of Health published, on the advice of the Medicines Control Council (MCC), draft regulations on complementary and alternative medicines (CAMs). Unlike [...]

Analysis of the new CAMS regulations

Posted 09 September 2011

Marcus Low has written an analysis of the new CAMS regulations on Quackdown – with the intention of generating useful discussion. egulations-protect-consumers/

Vitamin pills can lead you to take health risks

Posted 29 August 2011

A very interesting article by Dr Ben Goldacre, published in The Guardian.

"Trials show that people who think they've done something healthy, even if they haven't, smoke more and believe they are invulnerable to diseases" ug/26/bad-science-vitamin-pills-lead-you-to-take-risks


Patients before paradigms – Debunking the paradigm defence

This excellent article written by Marcus Low has been posted at Quack down!.

He writes, among other:

" It is often argued that complementary or alternative medicines should not be judged or regulated according to the same criteria as pharmaceutical medicines. The argument is logically flawed and it also puts the interests of health [...]

Distorting Evidence: A South African Example

One of the cardinal sins of any researcher is to tamper with their data to make them ‘fit’ the results they were wanting. A recent international example is that of Dr Andrew Wakefield, who published articles in the reputable Journal ‘The Lancet’, which apparently showed a causal link between the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine [...]

Antioxidants Fall From Grace

The popular dietary components may not do any good, and may actually harm.

To anyone who feels guilty for not gorging on antioxidants—actually, make that “antioxidants!,” which seems to be how grocery manufacturers think of them—redemption is nigh. For years the media, food labels, dietitians, and even scientists who should know better have bombarded us [...]