CAM Workshop

Posted 18 February 2014

Regulations regulating Complementary Medicines in South Africa were published in November 2013. The regulations came into operation on 16 February 2014.

The MCC presented a workshop with members from the industry and other interested parties and the presentations have been made available on the MCC’s website.


HPA proposed CAMS Advertising Code

Posted 24 October 2013

The HPA (Health Products Association), an organisation responsible for looking out for the interests of its members, all complementary medicine (CAM) manufacturers, has been extremely unhappy with the ASA rulings that have gone against complementary medicine products. They argue that mainstream medicine health professionals, and scientists, do not understand the CAM […]

Evidence-based medicine – a criticism

Posted 30 June 2013

CamCheck is devoted mainly to the shortcomings of CAMs. Some readers incorrectly jump to the conclusion that we therefore support Big Pharma or ‘orthodox’ medicine. Not true: we argue for the requirement for good evidence in support of any therapeutic modality. We simply focus on CAMS, other websites focus on other […]

Pet food advertising is better regulated than complementary medicines advertising

Posted 08 February 2013

By Roy Jobson

In this article, published on Quackdown!, which is quite technical but nevertheless an important read, Professor Roy Jobson of Rhodes University’s Faculty of Pharmacy’s Pharmacology Division explains that we should consider using the current advertising code for pet food as a guide to improving the code for complementary […]

Health Intelligence – misguiding the public?

Update 15 May 2012: I have been sent evidence that “horse chestnut” (listed as “esculin”) was scheduled as S3 in December 1979.

Posted 12 May 2012

Health Intelligence magazine states on its front cover as a byline: “The Science of Health.” In its advertising blurb on its associated company Solal Technologies’ website, it is stated […]

Commentary: the law, unproven CAM and the two-hats fallacy

Posted 03 April 2012

"In the end, the law should act as a unifying force, nudging physicians towards a consistent and evidence-based approach to all therapies, be they CAM or conventional. The two-hats problem outlined above is fed by two growing and (seemingly) conflicting social trends: the continued public interest in CAM and the […]

More sex = a longer life? Really???

The local South African magazine Health Intelligence Edition 12 proclaims on its cover: "Passion promotes health – sex for a longer life".


(Note: The highlighting box has been added.) On page 20 the article has the title: "Sex, so necessary for positive health: sex is a buzzword that defies trendsetting and social mores, staying […]

Ozone Health Spa – Ozmed

Posted 01 February 2012

A consumer lodged a consumer complaint against an Ozmed print advertisement promoting its “Ozone Health Spa”. The advertisement was published in the 10 December 2011 edition of the Cape Argus. The advert posed the question “Do You Suffer From?” and lists “Stress”; “Hypertension”; “Diabetes”; “Asthma”; “Arthritis”; “HIV/Aids”; “Low Sex Drive”; […]

Are All Medicines Now Equal?

Posted 23 October 2011

Law in Practice: Complementary and Alternative Medicines Regulations: Are All Medicines Now Equal?

By Elsabe Klink: Medical Chronicle

October 10, 2011

In July 2011, the Minister of Health published, on the advice of the Medicines Control Council (MCC), draft regulations on complementary and alternative medicines (CAMs). Unlike […]

Analysis of the new CAMS regulations

Posted 09 September 2011

Marcus Low has written an analysis of the new CAMS regulations on Quackdown – with the intention of generating useful discussion. egulations-protect-consumers/